About us

"...created by Lucas Terra, one of the main minds behind the success of NeoBot and ElfBot."

& Goals
& Team

What's WindBot?

WindBot is a high quality automation and enhancement software that functions alongside the Tibia client. It works by sending mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, displaying it's own visuals on top, facilitating player communication and is customizable in many many ways.

It was created by Lucas Terra, one of the main minds behind the success of NeoBot and ElfBot. It took several months of work and tests before finally reaching the quality to make it available to the public. He implemented most of the features the mentioned bots had, with the addition of several improvements of his own.

The name of the bot is an analogy to 'wind-up toys'. Just like these toys and every other automated system, you need to initially provide some basic assistance before it is able to run on it's own. In addition to that, toys are meant to be fun and WindBot has a ton of features that will make your gameplay a lot more fun and enjoyable.

How We Think

We believe that you have to enjoy every second you spend in front of a video game, and we designed WindBot having that in mind. Our software has an arsenal of features to make the gaming experience more fun, interesting and less stressful and tense.

We also think that an online game shouldn't take too much of your time. While using WindBot, you will have more free time to enjoy your life with your family and friends, dedicate yourself better to your studies and obligations, etc.

To allow everyone to enjoy all of the features we have to offer, we designed WindBot to be straightforward to use and customize. All of the key features of our tool are very easy to use, and you can see that at the first glance. In contrast, the customization power provided by our software will allow you to do almost anything!

Our Team

Our team is currently composed by two persons: Lucas Terra and Raphael, and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Lucas is responsible for implementing new features to the core of the program. These features include changes in the user interface, implementations of new Lua functions, creating new events, etc.

Raphael takes care of the Lua scripts. These scripts includes hotkeys, persistents, HUDs and library functions. His main job is to make scripts based on the community requests. The scripts that we make are available for free in our forums.

Plus, all of our users can help each other at our Forums. At the Forums you can find almost everything you need to use WindBot to its full potential. People share their scripts, settings and waypoints, and we hope you will do the same. You will learn a lot by sharing your knowledge and contribute to making the community stronger!