Free Tools

Our Free Tools are available for everyone, WindBot user or not! See the installation instructions below.

WindMC(Client Versions: 7.x-10.x)

Allows you to open multiple clients, without the need of modifying the client in any ways.

Download (360 KB)

Wind Addons(Client Versions: 10.32-10.00)

Minor client addons to increase your framerate, decrease CPU usage, use custom config files, SSH Tunnel Client and also works as multiclient.

Download (1,669 KB)


1. Make sure you have the latest WindBot version installed, you can grab it here.

2. Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86).

3. Install windmc-1.0.0.exe (or windaddons-1.5.23.exe) in your WindBot installation folder.

4. Open windmc.exe (or windaddons.exe).

5. Open the clients you need.

6. You are done! Now you can either close or minimize WindMC (or WindAddons).

Warning! WindAddons works better with DirectX. Consider changing your client to use this engine.